March Madness Post – Money Musings on the NCAA

It March kids, and that means one thing – March Madness.  The first discussion that comes up year after year among my friends and family is: should players who can declare for the draft do so or finish their college degrees. In addition, should high school seniors be eligible for the draft. 

My feelings on this are quite definitive.  Yes and Yes.  The players who have a good shot at a first round draft pick should without a doubt declare themselves eligible.  Players who would secure a first round pick out of high school should also do so.  From a financial perspective it is a no brainer.  Greg Odom and Kevin Durant are losing about $4.5 million dollars by having to “attend” college for one year.  Not to mention the fact that either one of them could get hurt and lose their opportunity to play pro at all.  But what about a college education?  Excuse me, I know college is expensive but I think 4.5 can still pay four years of tution at any college in America. 

Who really gains from the players playing at least one year in college?  The NCAA of course.  Do you think more people tune into Ohio State games because of Greg Odom? Do more people buy Texas gear because of Durant.  You better betcha.  Case closed on this end.

One Response to “March Madness Post – Money Musings on the NCAA”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Not to write off the value of a college education, but I would have to agree. If a player has the opportunity, then why give it up? Although I do wonder what the percentage is of players go on to obtain a degree later. I’d be curious to know if they pursue an education once they have $4.5 Million sitting in the bank.

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