My Favorite Female Personal Finance Blogs/Bloggers

One of my goals as a personal finance blogger is to increase the general knowledge level and interest that women have about finance.  Many women take on the budgeting role in the household while the man takes on the big investing decisions.  This is a concept that is somewhat foreign to me, as are many gender roles, being that I wasn’t raised in a house with a man.  There were no men to make the decisions. 

My interest in money and finance is innate.  I have ALWAYS been interested in it.  What I struggle with is how to connect with other women because I know I am not the norm. 

One way I start is to take a look at the women bloggers that connect with me.  There are not too many that I connect with unfortunately but these three I really like ALOT.  Light on the coupon cutting advice and recycling your child’s lunchbags and heavier on the nitty gritty like taxes, investment strategies, etc. 

My faves:

Kay Bell at Don’t Mess With Taxes –  THE spot for all things taxes.  This woman knows her sheeeeeeeeeettt.

Nina Smith at Queercents – It’s funny, this site is targeted toward the LGBT community and I’m straight and read it religously.  Nina is insightful and light on fluff

Single Ma’s Fabulous Financials – Not a heavy site but …. a 30 something single mom who is insightful and I think I would be friends with if I knew her in “real life”.

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4 Responses to “My Favorite Female Personal Finance Blogs/Bloggers”

  1. Miss Millionairess Says:

    It’s great to find some other females out there that are actually interested in investments and finance. Personally I’m just trying to learn as much as possible at the moment and enjoy reading aout other people’s ideas and experiences.

  2. Nicole Says:

    Miss Millionairess-
    Please keep in touch with me as you build you blog and readership. I know the rules differ over the pond in London and I would love to learn more about your tax structure and investment opportnities:) Thanks for the comment!

  3. Meg Says:

    Good for you! I too have always been interested in personal finance and investments, and in recent years I’ve felt more and more of an urge to spread awareness about it. Which is why I started blogging. It really astounds me (and sometimes annoys me) to see my smart, otherwise-savvy female friends who have no knowledge/interest on the subject.

    I found out a fellow finance major friend of mine who works in banking wasn’t even getting her full 401k match–even though she had a good job and I happened to know her father still paid her rent. She sheepishly said she wanted to “ease into it”. “It being what?,” I wondered. Wealth? Financial security? Independence? Another female associate of mine who works in real estate said she wasn’t interested in saving for retirement because she was sure her parents had/would take care of it. What?! And these are the educated women!

    Of course many males don’t know much either, but I think as women we have to be even more informed and prepared for various financial matters that will arise during our lifetimes–as most women still don’t choose to have stable earnings/careers during their lifetimes.

  4. Nicole Says:


    I’m hearing you. I’m glad I’m not the only one out there feeling this way. Maybe we are the crazy ones?! I am very excited about your new role over at All Financial Matters!
    Stay in touch!!!


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