Money Magazine: What Should You Tip?

Money Magazine did a poll in the December 07 issue of what you should tip for the holidays to the people who serve you throughout the year.  They sound fair to me…I would be curious to see what others think.

 Here were the results:

Mail Carrier $20
Hairdresser $20
Cleaning Person $75
Occasional Babysitter $25
Full Time Nanny $270
Gardener/Yard Worker $50
Newspaper Carrier $15
Garbage Collector $20

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2 Responses to “Money Magazine: What Should You Tip?”

  1. Brandon Says:

    I would never trip my Mail Carrier, Newspaper Carrier, or Garbage Collector, especially not the garbage collector since there are about 3-5 guys on the truck (we live in an apartment building).

  2. Steve Says:

    Most Garbage Collectors are Union and get a real good wage….they don’t need tips….same with the newspaper carrier…it’s not like it’s a kid on a bike anymore, it’s some dude that drives by in his car flinging papers out the window. Federal Employees aren’t supposed to take gifts, so the mail carrier shouldn’t accept a tip nor should they expect one. A full time Nanny should get a bonus not a tip…they are after all your employee. Hair dressers and such get tips usually so why give them a larger one just because it’s Christmas? Get them a gift or something (Visa/MC have nice gift cards that can be used anywhere). I’m just curious as to where this tradition of Christmas Tipping started?

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