What Do Shoe Theives and Wall Street Execs Have In Common?

What do shoe theives and Wall Street execs have in common?  Ability to bilk the system because of lazy oversight and bad systems by regulators and law enforcement.

I was in the shoe store this weekend and a mother and daughter duo were stealing shoes.  It was blatantly obvious due to  the empty boxes they were leaving in their wrath of retail shrinkage.  I approached the counter to pay for my winter boots and asked the cashier, who clearly saw what was going on, why she didn’t call the cops or do anything? 

Cashier: “The cops will take two hours to come and I will have to detain them.  God knows what they will do in those two hours.”

Me: “Then why the hell am I paying for these boots?” 

Cashier: “Because you have a conscience.”

Me: “You really aren’t going to call the cops?”

Cashier: “No.”

Me: “AAAAAAAAHHHHH. You realize I am paying for the shoes they just stole.  Will you please just call them?”

Cashier: “No, what’s the point.”

Bottom Line: Lazy oversight by regulators and poor law enforcement screws the good guy on all levels of society.

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