Let me take this opportunity to introduce myself, my name is Nicole and I have a passion for personal finance education.  I own a company called Dollars & Sense Education that provides personal finance education in the workplace.  The purpose of my blog is to rant about personal finance topics of interest.  Enjoy!

3 Responses to “About”

  1. Tyler Christensen Says:

    I have recently become more interested in personal finance and stumbled onto your website. I think you provide valuable information so I return to your site fairly regularly to read the newer postings and soak in as much as I can.
    Because personal finance interests me I’ve decided to create my own site—one geared to people like me. I haven’t gotten very far in the process yet (I don’t have much content up) but was wondering if you might offer me any advice. Where my site might be a little different from many of the other personal finance websites and blogs is that I’m a normal college student (no formal background in finance) who just wants to share ideas with other students.
    I’ve gone ahead and linked to your website on my home page and in my resources because I feel that your site gives great advice/insights into how to manage money. I’m also starting to link specific websites and blogs to individual articles, so if you would like me to link a specific page on my website to your site please let me know.
    I’d really appreciate any suggestions you might have on how to build a site similar to yours (what content would be most valuable, how to let others know about my site, etc), as well as knowing of other good sites and resources that I might link to. Thanks for any ideas you might be willing to share. Cheers,

  2. Nicole McInerney Says:


    I would love to share my thoughts with you on blogging, personal finance, etc. I couldn’t find an email address for you or phone number. If you could shoot that back that would be wonderful!


  3. Tyler Christensen Says:

    My email address is tylerchristensen@tyandnat.com. Cheers,

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