Please Don’t Buy Me My Favorite Gift This Christmas…

I love receiving gift cards as Christmas gifts…looove them.  Usually nothing makes me happier than strolling into Victoria’s Secret the week after Christmas with a gift card buying exhorbitantly priced undies with wild abandon.  Popping my head into Bebe and buying a cute dress for New Years with my little plastic gift card buddy.  But this year things are different, the economy sucks, companies are declaring bankruptcy and gift cards at many stores will be rendered useless when they close their doors forever.  This Christmas season will be do or die for many retailers and if it is die for the store you bought a gift card for – you or your friends and family will be stuck with a worthless piece of plastic that someone dropped good money for.

There is no law preventing stores that are going out of business from selling gift cards until the doors are shut forever.  So buyer beware.  I know I will get comments saying Chapter 11 bankruptcy is different than Chapter 7 etc. etc. but I say better to be safe than sorry!  So since gift cards are out…I am a size 4 and my favorite color is red 🙂

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